Things have gotten a little wild around here, so I thought I’d add a map of sorts.

This site is basically a landing page/hub for my work. You will find some info about me and the links to the things I’m putting out into the world.

Art Transfused 

Art Transfused is the website and shop for my art work. I paint magic infused abstracts and watercolor portraits of Muses and dabble in photography. Since is where my shop lives, anything that I have for sale, even if it isn’t art, is linked to that shop. All payments are processed through that shop. This makes things easier on me and more secure for you.

The Myth Project

The Myth Project is where I explore how The Patriarchy is ingrained into our myths and stories. I write about themes of abuse is love and the other sexist bullshit.

Apocalypse Friday

I’m a total yarn freak. Apocalypse Friday began as a hand dyed yarn biz. I’m currently on hiatus from dyeing yarn, but I still knit, crochet, design and occasionally blog about it.


Patreon is a site for creators to connect with patrons. On my Patreon page I share videos, writings and art things.


Who am I?

Priestess of Zero Fucks.

Lady of To Hell With This Shit.

Oracle of Just Fucking Stop Already.

One Who Peels Flesh from Bone.

Dragon of Burning this Shit Down & Mermaid of the Deep Dark.

I create art for people deep in the cocoon of life altering metamorphosis. (or some magical shit like that.)