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What do romance, myth, and New Age all have in common? 

Patriarchal Wank. 

They each are used to groom women (and men) to accept abuse as normal, natural and loving. 

It makes me feel a little Hulk smashy.


It’s one of those things that once you see it, it doesn’t let you keep your eyes closed to it any more.

The abusive themes in romance and erotica.

How myths about Goddesses & Gods (and marketing that exploits them) teach us how to be good girls & boys according to the patriarchy. 

The dangers of Spiritual Bypassing, Whitewashing and sexism in New Age. 

I can’t turn away from this. 

Can you?


Who am I?

Priestess of Zero Fucks.

Lady of To Hell With This Shit.

Oracle of Just Fucking Stop Already.

One Who Peels Flesh from Bone.

Dragon of Burning this Shit Down & Mermaid of the Deep Dark.

I help people clear and heal from the sexist and abusive bullshit we’ve been program to believe is the ‘right’ way and stop perpetuating that shit.

I do this through art, intuitive readings, energy work, and cutting through bullshit.