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Who am I?

Priestess of Zero Fucks. Lady of To Hell With This Shit. Oracle of Just Fucking Stop Already. One Who Peels Flesh from Bone. Dragon of Burning this Shit Down. Mermaid of the Deep Dark.

On a mission to end New Age Wank & make some art.

The Goddesses are not the one dimensional beings the patriarchy has flattened them into to provide us with examples of the Perfect Woman or what happens to Bad Girls who don’t follow the rules.

They don’t exist to market the next hot spiritual thing to you or be a new avenue for abuse.

But that is how they are being used, their divinity twisted into another tool of oppression.

I say fuck that shit.

I want my Goddesses back. In full possession of all their love and wrath, no longer empty shells stripped of their power. I hear their stories in their own words free of patriarchal conditioning and I want you to hear them too.

This also applies to the Gods and the box warped form of masculinity they’ve been shoved into.

My goddesses & gods are not marketing tools.

I help others understand what New Age Wank is, how to untangle themselves from its bindings, and begin healing.

I do this through art, intuitive reading, energy work, and cutting through bullshit.

I live in the mountains of Northern Idaho with my family in a mismatched cabin where my childhood invisible friend, George, still plays tricks on me.  I spend my days creating, teaching my children to love geeky things, and trying to convince my husband that it’s ok to wear flip flops in the snow.

Let us walk among the glimmer bones down along the inky shore. Casting shadows like storm shelters and setting hearts on fire. Wearing our ashes like war paint across our shining souls.~Delisa