I’ve been job hunting as a way to pay for my mom’s car/medical loan. It’s been awful. There isn’t much out there for someone with no job training or skills. I spent the last 2 decades raising babies. Wal-Mart won’t even call me. It’s depressing.

Yesterday, I took my mom to get her car and some of her stuff so she could be more comfortable while she stays with us. A bunch of little nonsense things happened like me locking the keys in the car. I was getting myself more worked up over what I was going to do with the car once I got it. How was I going to pay the loan? How was I going to pay to get it fixed? Jobs were not happening for me so where was all this money going to come from?

It hit me that I’ve been in the mindset that money could only come from a job and that it was all going to suck.

Um, hello. Aren’t I an artist & awesome energy worker trying to build a biz? Why the hell can’t the money show up that way?

There is no reason what so ever why I can’t earn money through my work. That’s what I’ve been trying to do, but here I was actively believing that I needed a JOB for money.

Really Delisa? No wonder I’m having such a hard time getting anywhere.

I have a money goal. I have things, art & intuitive, workings to sell.

I should be able to rock this out.

Currently I have 10 finished (some still need sealed) abstract Color Magick paintings that need new homes.  That’s $760 sitting there! I still have some canvases waiting to get painted.

I have openings for Own Your Magick. Which I can fit about 16 of those a month into my schedule. There is another $1200.

Clearly I have ways for money to flow to me. I’ve been blocking them by not believing that money could show up. Those blocks show up in my not marketing my work or creating new work.

This doesn’t include any custom paintings or growing my Patreon page.

I have a lot of work cut out for me. I’d like to hit my money goal in the next 6 months. I’m working on a plan to hopefully make that happen.

I need to get paintings listed  for sale. I’ve been dicking around on this because taking pics of the paintings is a pain in the ass. I don’t have a well lit place or a great camera. I’ll just have to do the best I can. Camera equipment is on the to buy list, but I’ve got to get this car loan handled first.

I’m going to be bombarding my social media with marketing for my offerings. This is hard for me. I find it difficult to talk about my work. I need to get over it. My work is awesome. I help people. It’s ok to talk about that.

I’m going to be posting about the offering levels I have on Patreon because I’d really like to grow that. I’m using Patreon as a experiment, but also as a way to offer subscriptions to my intuitive readings.

Each piece of art I have available will be getting a blog post & a listing to make it easier to buy. I’ve got to get to work!

What is jamming your money flow?

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