It looks a bit of a mess in the cup.

There are layers of white, blue, teal, green, copper and brown.

A few drops of silicone.

Dirty pour magick.

Every painting is a practice in letting go.

The cup get flipped upside down on the canvas and you wait.

Lifting the cup reveals a swirl of color. Strange landscapes. Mysterious.

Endlessly wondrous.

I love everything about this. Everything.

The chaos. The unknown. The lack of complete control.

Pure energy.

I haven’t named this one yet. It’s currently getting layered in sealer.

It’s a 12×24. I love the space and shape of it. I’d like to work on more pieces this size and maybe even larger.

When this one is all done it will be listed in the shop, unless someone grabs it up before then.

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