This year has been so sideways & so right. Some shit went down and knocked all my plans and dreams into the dirt. Complete sucker punch.

I decided to stop half assing shit and be honest with what I wanted and what I wanted to be doing. That meant taking my art more seriously and believing I could earn money with it. It was letting go of things that I didn’t love doing.

It was admitting that I didn’t really believe in myself and then learning to believe in myself.

I’m totally in love with what I’ve been doing with my art and I’m so fucking stoked to keep creating it.  I’ve been really focused on doing that and it’s been so healing.

But, it also says Writer after my name. The word is just hanging out at the top of this blog mocking me.

I thought about deleting it. At the same time it felt like carving out a piece of my heart to do that. I really miss all the fiery words splashing across the page as I rant about the patriarchy & New Age nonsense. It haunts me.

I kept telling myself that I couldn’t do both. I couldn’t paint & write, that they didn’t fit together. It keeps calling to me. The goddesses that pointed me down that path are giving me dirty looks, because I’ve turned my back on that work. ( Don’t do this. Goddesses will kick your ass.)

Part of my not being able to see how the writing stuff & the art stuff fit into a neat little box, is me listening to smallness. Bigness has a better view of things.

Own Your Magick is going to get a revamp. It’s a weak sauce offering and I have so much more to offer you. Letting it stay the way it is would be allowing both of us to keep half assing things. That is a disservice to both of us.

I’m going to be launching 2 group programs next year. One will be inspired by Goddesses and the other will focus on the abusive tropes in romance. I can’t say what the details are yet, but I hope to have one of them ready to go by February. They will probably take the format of a weekly email with FB group.

I’m freaking the fuck out to be offering these.

2017 should’ve been a total shit show with all the things that happened, but sometimes you need a good swift kick in the ass to jolt you into motion.


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