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When was the last time I blogged? I can’t remember. Things have been so out of whack with the new job thing. It is sucking the life out of me.

With all the wonder and potential in the world, why have we created one that drains us instead of fills us? That is the real big question, not ‘Why am I here?’

I have been managing to get some painting done. I’ve got 6 paintings waiting to be sealed. I want to get back to working on more watercolors too. I have to rearrange my painting table to make room for that, plus get those paintings sealed.

The first episode of Her Wicked Muse podcast, Everybody’s Fucking Creative,  is scheduled to go live on Jan 15th. The podcast is available to Patreon supporters.

Things are happening. They are just happening slowly.

Here is a peak at what I’ve been painting.




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