Pour painting video #1: Fall Colors

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This is my first attempt at recording one of my paintings. It isn’t perfect, but I’m so glad I ignored the voice telling me why I couldn’t do it and did it anyway.

This year I’ve challenged myself to recording each painting I make. These videos aren’t easy for me. There is a lot of set up, tech stuff and editing that goes into them. Even if they look low quality.

I record these with my phone. I would love to do voice over, but the mic on my laptop doesn’t work. It takes nearly an hour to upload these to youtube.

This painting isn’t available for sale. I ended up painting over it again. I couldn’t get the colors right. It happens. Sadly, I didn’t make a video of that.

I’ll be sharing the videos to my Patreon first. Some videos will be Patreon only. You can learn more about my Patreon by clicking here.




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