We are designed to be wild wanton creatures, that’s where our strength lies.

My art is mostly sad, tired, angry women that are fed up with just about everything expressed in paint, ink and words. I write Paranormal Fiction to attempt to sort through the fuckery of being a woman in this world and whisper words of heroines into creation, but mostly mess around on Pinterest. 

My aim is to speak my truth and hopefully inspire others to speak theirs. 

I live in the mountains of Northern Idaho with my family in a mismatched cabin where my childhood invisible friend, George, still plays tricks on me.  I spend my days creating, teaching my children to love geeky things, and trying to convince my husband that it’s ok to wear flip flops in the snow.

Let us walk among the glimmer bones down along the inky shore. Casting shadows like storm shelters and setting hearts on fire. Wearing our ashes like war paint across our shining souls.~Delisa