Sold! Blue, gold & white acrylic pour is heading for new home!

Fresh pour! #acrylicpour #abstractpainting

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This painting turned out so awesome. It somehow manages to be calm and the crashing of waves at the same time. It sold before I was even finished with it!

I know I keep saying how much I love creating this paintings, but it’s true. I can’t imagine getting bored or tired of creating these.

This morning I was watching Youtube to learn more techniques. With my satellite internet that means being awake at 5am. It’s worth it though.

Micheal’s is having their huge canvas sale right now. This afternoon I’ll be driving the 60 miles to the city and buying as many canvases as I can. Plus paints and other supplies I need to make more of these.

After watching those vids, I have some ideas of things I want to try. I’m itching to get painting. My husband can’t get home from cutting wood fast enough. Seriously, if I didn’t have to wait to use the car, I’d be at Micheal’s waiting for them to open the store. lol

I’m working on getting the few finished paintings I have in the shop. I only have 6, but I’ve got to find a place to take pics of them. When you live a dark place getting good pics of your art can be a pain in the ass.


Let’s mix a Love Potion without the sexist wank!

Last year-ish Aphrodite started popping up for me everywhere.

She isn’t a goddess I normally work with.

At first I thought she was only bringing my attention to the patriarchal wank in the stories we have about her, but the more I listened the more I realized she was talking about more than her story.

I started writing about abusive themes in romance/erotica. I wondered how I could improve my fiction writing and stay out of those traps.

Outside of writing some steamy fiction, I don’t pay much attention to relationship work. I’m a very detached sort of person, which made it seem even more strange that Aphrodite would be tapping me on the shoulder.

I tried to play it off as my imagination, that I was reading more into things than was really there.

She persisted. She has shown me so many ways the patriarchy is fucking up our relationships and how we keep passing this fuckery on as normal loving behavior.

This is weird for me. I’m the kind of person who gives zero fucks if people like or love me.

Even if I like you, I’m not going to jump through hoops to be your bestie. I won’t call you on the phone. You’ll be lucky if I text you once a year without you texting me first. I don’t want to go shopping. I don’t want to go out for drinks. I don’t want you coming to my house. No matter how much I love you.

So Aphrodite scratching at the inside of my brain about relationship shit, is confusing to me, but she won’t let me go.

I haven’t dated. I’ve been with the same man for over half my life. What the hell do I know about dating? Fuck all. That’s what.

Since I started my research project, I’ve come across some pretty fucked up dating advice in New Age spiritual circles. It’s sexist Pick Up Artist Wank wrapped in crystal moonbeams. I didn’t set out to find relationship stuff, but this shit will not stop finding me.

I’d like to do an experiment around dating, relationships and connecting with awesome people. If you are a single person who is looking for connections or someone who would like to deepen the connections they have, I invite you to come join me around my cauldron.  Email me or hit me up on Facebook.

I can’t say what this experiment will look like, but I truly believe that we can do better than manipulative fuck puppet Pick Up Artists.


WTF Did I Just Read: Abduction

WTF Did I Just Read is a regular-ish feature all about all the fuckery in romance & erotica fiction. I read this shit so you don’t have to.


One of the most disturbing trends in romance/erotica to me, is abduction. Not the role playing between consenting adults either.

To be honest, I haven’t actually been able to finish one of these stories. They are so fucked up. They seem to be popping up more and more in paranormal romances. I’m not sure how often this theme shows up in other genres.

The theme goes like this:

Woman is abducted, forcefully taken somewhere against her will.

The abductor, whether he’s done the deed himself or hired someone, is in need of a mate and can only accomplish this by stealing a woman.

The woman is scared/angry and not having any of it at first.

Then by magical means, drugs/spells/potions, mind control or simply wearing her down with his extremely hot body & non stop advances, she falls madly in love with him/his unbelievable hotness.

I have such a hard time with this being a thing being sold to women as hot romance.

You were abducted? Who fucking cares, the dude is hot and has an epic dick. Still not into? We have ways around that. Drugs and/or mind control will loosen that pussy right up. Seriously, he’s really a nice guy with super cock. Everyone knows, a guy can do anything he wants to a woman if he has a super cock. Even if it’s only super in his own mind. 

Let’s be clear on what these stories are saying.

It’s ok if he’s been mean to you, taken you against your will, drugs and manipulates you, and cut you off from your family and friends. This is hot, sexy, and the only way you’ll find love, loser.

This harmless bit of fantasy, grooms us and prepares us for abuse in real life. It teaches us that this is what it is to be desired and loved. It reinforces negative gender roles.

One of the reasons women read romance and erotica is for the fantasy of a perfect man. What does that say about us and our society when that perfect man is an abuser wrapped up as hot sex machine?

Is it ok for your man to drug you if he fucks your brains out afterward?

Is it ok that he cuts you off from family and friends if he eat pussy like a god?

What if he hits you?

What about the moment he goes too far and you end up dead? Was the sex worth it?

In fiction these abductors always turn out to be great guys that just had some bad luck meeting women or are also being forced against their will to follow tradition. It’s a nice cop out. It let’s them off the hook for their abusive behavior.

You know we’re not supposed to hold abusers responsible for their actions, right? (WRONG!) It let’s them be abuser & savior at the same time. Win for asshole dudes everywhere!

Dear Fluffy Bunnies of Love, Light and White Washes…

Love is action.

Love defends and protects.

Love does not look away.

Love isn’t one of those knights in shining armor, that parade around, blinding everyone with the gleam of their polished perfection.

Love gets dirty and bloody. Love goes to war. Love runs into burning buildings. Love risks everything to hide people fleeing for their lives. Love will punch Nazis. Every fucking time.

There seems to be some confusion about this, a belief that love is a passive thing. That love is holding a moment of silence and being released from any responsibility for the society you live in.

They say violence isn’t the answer.  I agree that violence isn’t cool, but when someone is trying to kill you, to wipe you and everyone that looks like, thinks like, believes like you, off the fucking planet, you bet your fucking ass you defend yourself. Sometimes defence & protection are violent things. We haven’t moved passed the point where they are not violent.

Maybe one day we will, but first we have to get to the point where calling for the death of people because of their skin tone, is illegal. Like white people actually go to jail for it.

The world is a scary place right now. For some people it has been for a very long time. We’ve done very little to change that.

This is not easy work. It’s work that we all must do. I believe white americans need to use their place of privilege to dismantle white supremacy in our society.

How you do that is up to you. You don’t have to punch anyone, but you can’t sit quietly and do nothing. Find ways to support change that work for you that actually help change happen.

Support POC advocates, artists, activists and charities. Learn about white privilege and how it harms our society. Talk about racism with your friends and family. Make it clear where you stand.

Learn how the language of Love & Light teachings is abusive and oppressive and work to change that.

Stand up to racism and hate where ever you find it. Stand up in Love. Raise your voice in Love.