Sacred & Feral

What’s up with all these changes?

Cabin fever? Maybe. I’ve changed the look of this site, but more importantly I’ve changed the function or purpose or something. I decided to put the job dollars to use for something I love ( my art) and upgrade the service I use for my shop. The shop now has its own site and is awesome.  What was not awesome was the blog function on that upgrade. I’m keeping the blog here. On the menu, when you click Shop Art, it will take you to the new shop. When you […]

Art Transfused

Alcohol inks might be my new fave

It’s little magical to watch alcohol inks move around a piece of yupo paper. It’s fun. I love it. This is a wip pic of The Seeing Pool. I worked on it for several art sessions. I love how I can stop working when my time is up and come back to it days later if I need to. If I fuck a peice up, I can spray it with rubbing alcohol and start again. Since the matting supplies have arrived, I’ll be making more paintings on yupo paper. I’m […]

Sacred & Feral

January Wrap-up & February Stuff

I survive January and I hope you did too. I’m slowly adjusting to having a job. Very slowly. Art got made. The first episode of my podcast was shared. I consider that a win even though somethings didn’t get done. (The podcast is only available on Patreon.) I think I created some great pieces of art and that is the most important thing. It’s what keeps me going when I feel like never getting out of bed. What’s up in February? My birthday! I’m also launching a Kickstarter. I’ve done […]

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