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I’m opening 5 spots in August for intuitive readings.

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Each month will feature a different tarot or oracle card deck.

During August I’ll be using The Faeries’ Oracle for the readings.

The readings are $35 and you get an audio recording. Readings are completed within 48hrs (not counting weekends).

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WTF Did I Just Read: Abduction

WTF Did I Just Read is a regular-ish feature all about all the fuckery in romance & erotica fiction. I read this shit so you don’t have to.


One of the most disturbing trends in romance/erotica to me, is abduction. Not the role playing between consenting adults either.

To be honest, I haven’t actually been able to finish one of these stories. They are so fucked up. They seem to be popping up more and more in paranormal romances. I’m not sure how often this theme shows up in other genres.

The theme goes like this:

Woman is abducted, forcefully taken somewhere against her will.

The abductor, whether he’s done the deed himself or hired someone, is in need of a mate and can only accomplish this by stealing a woman.

The woman is scared/angry and not having any of it at first.

Then by magical means, drugs/spells/potions, mind control or simply wearing her down with his extremely hot body & non stop advances, she falls madly in love with him/his unbelievable hotness.

I have such a hard time with this being a thing being sold to women as hot romance.

You were abducted? Who fucking cares, the dude is hot and has an epic dick. Still not into? We have ways around that. Drugs and/or mind control will loosen that pussy right up. Seriously, he’s really a nice guy with super cock. Everyone knows, a guy can do anything he wants to a woman if he has a super cock. Even if it’s only super in his own mind. 

Let’s be clear on what these stories are saying.

It’s ok if he’s been mean to you, taken you against your will, drugs and manipulates you, and cut you off from your family and friends. This is hot, sexy, and the only way you’ll find love, loser.

This harmless bit of fantasy, grooms us and prepares us for abuse in real life. It teaches us that this is what it is to be desired and loved. It reinforces negative gender roles.

One of the reasons women read romance and erotica is for the fantasy of a perfect man. What does that say about us and our society when that perfect man is an abuser wrapped up as hot sex machine?

Is it ok for your man to drug you if he fucks your brains out afterward?

Is it ok that he cuts you off from family and friends if he eat pussy like a god?

What if he hits you?

What about the moment he goes too far and you end up dead? Was the sex worth it?

In fiction these abductors always turn out to be great guys that just had some bad luck meeting women or are also being forced against their will to follow tradition. It’s a nice cop out. It let’s them off the hook for their abusive behavior.

You know we’re not supposed to hold abusers responsible for their actions, right? (WRONG!) It let’s them be abuser & savior at the same time. Win for asshole dudes everywhere!

Dear Fluffy Bunnies of Love, Light and White Washes…

Love is action.

Love defends and protects.

Love does not look away.

Love isn’t one of those knights in shining armor, that parade around, blinding everyone with the gleam of their polished perfection.

Love gets dirty and bloody. Love goes to war. Love runs into burning buildings. Love risks everything to hide people fleeing for their lives. Love will punch Nazis. Every fucking time.

There seems to be some confusion about this, a belief that love is a passive thing. That love is holding a moment of silence and being released from any responsibility for the society you live in.

They say violence isn’t the answer.  I agree that violence isn’t cool, but when someone is trying to kill you, to wipe you and everyone that looks like, thinks like, believes like you, off the fucking planet, you bet your fucking ass you defend yourself. Sometimes defence & protection are violent things. We haven’t moved passed the point where they are not violent.

Maybe one day we will, but first we have to get to the point where calling for the death of people because of their skin tone, is illegal. Like white people actually go to jail for it.

The world is a scary place right now. For some people it has been for a very long time. We’ve done very little to change that.

This is not easy work. It’s work that we all must do. I believe white americans need to use their place of privilege to dismantle white supremacy in our society.

How you do that is up to you. You don’t have to punch anyone, but you can’t sit quietly and do nothing. Find ways to support change that work for you that actually help change happen.

Support POC advocates, artists, activists and charities. Learn about white privilege and how it harms our society. Talk about racism with your friends and family. Make it clear where you stand.

Learn how the language of Love & Light teachings is abusive and oppressive and work to change that.

Stand up to racism and hate where ever you find it. Stand up in Love. Raise your voice in Love.



Guest Post: Four Protective Herbs for Magical Women


Today I have a guest post for you from Michelle Simkins of A Witch’s Path. Be sure to check out her work when you’re done reading. She makes some beautiful magicks. 

As a professional witch, I often get questions from women about how best to protect themselves magically. Most often they are dealing with unhealthy relationships, but sometimes they are concerned about travel, protecting their homes, or being safe while practicing magic or journeying. The good news is you don’t need anything exotic to keep you safe. Here are four easy to find herbs and weeds for magical protection.

Wild Roses for Wise Women

Forget flower shop or grocery store roses, all ruffles and no scent, their thorns cut off to make them acceptable.

Wander abandoned homesteads, the edges of fallow fields, old train tracks, the sides of back roads. Find the five-flowered beauties, the intoxicating antique roses gone feral and bristling with prickles. Exclaim at their beauty, read them poems, leave strands of your hair for birds to nest in, pour clean water over their roots.

Ask their permission, and wait for the flowers to nod, the scent on the air to deepen, the whisper of acquiescence. Then carefully, carefully cut what you need, thorns and all. Steep them in alcohol for an entire moon cycle, then decant and take a few drops when you feel vulnerable but still want to have an open heart–the thorns will protect you even as the flowers and leaves teach you to open. To boost the energy of the brew, place rose quartz on or around the jar during steeping.

Blackberry Isn’t Just for Jam

Blackberries are well known for their sweetness, and cursed for their thorns.

But those thorns remind us not to allow anyone to take our gifts, our sweetness, without respect and careful handling. The thorns are available almost any time of year, unless you live where they are buried under the snow.

Ask blackberry to help you protect yourself. Cut two equal-length sections of blackberry cane, with thorns intact–very carefully. Leave an offering. Say thank you. Let the blackberry canes dry thoroughly. Then tie them together in an equal armed cross with black thread, wrapping it around and around until the cross feels stable. Hang it over your door or over your bed. Decorate with stones if you like–especially hagstones, obsidian, black tourmaline, and hematite.

Mugwort for Safe Travel

Mugwort is my go-to witch’s herb–easy to grow, plentiful, and intensely magical.

You can use it for dream pillows and psychic tea, but it is also used for protection during travel. Put a leaf in your shoe if you are walking alone in the woods, or carry some leaves and flowers in your pockets. Fill a tiny jar with dried mugwort leaves and flowers, seal with a cork and beeswax, and hang it in your car or hide it in your glove compartment to protect your vehicle–and yourself when you drive it. You can also hang bouquets or wreaths of dried mugwort in your house–over doors or windows to protect you from intruders.

Of course mugwort protects us in astral travel, dreams, and visions as well. The fragrance of mugwort steam or smoke can take us deep into our own shadow selves, which is why sometimes people have nightmares when they sleep with mugwort near the bed. If you are ready to face your fears and work through your shadows, call on mugwort both to carry you deeper into visions and to keep you safe while you are there. Know that what you face might be unsettling or even frightening, but the experience will be valuable and transformative.

Comfrey the Re-weaver

Trauma and toxic situations have a way of making us feel raw and ragged, like our emotional selves have been repeatedly dragged over a rusty cheese grater.

Sometimes it can become so intense that ANY interaction–even an essentially positive one–is painful. When we get to this point, it might be time to seek help from a therapist or even, if appropriate, see a doctor about medication. But there are ALSO things we can do to help repair ourselves energetically, and protect ourselves from continuing damage to our spirits.

When I feel this ragged exposed feeling, I reach for comfrey. The lovely thing about working with comfrey is it’s easy to find even if you can’t grow herbs yourself–most herb shops and herbal websites offer both comfrey leaf and root for sale.

Brew a big, strong jar of comfrey infusion: Place a cup of dried comfrey leaf in a quart jar, or fill the jar with loosely packed fresh comfrey leaves and flowers. Bring a kettle of water to a boil, and pour water over the comfrey until the jar is full. Allow your brew to steep for 4-10 hours, then strain. If the strained infusion is very cold, warm it gently on the stove until it feels like a nice warm bath when you dip your fingers in it. (And be careful not to get it TOO hot.)

Take this infusion into the shower. As the shower water runs over you, visualize it washing away the bad energy left by the ones who have hurt you. Scrub thoroughly with your favorite soap, and really work on seeing the negativity being washed away and going down the drain along with soap suds and water and dirt. When you are thoroughy clean, pour the comfrey infusion over yourself, and visualize green and purple light pouring over you, sealing up the holes in your etheric self, soothing your emotions. Repeat this as often as you like to let comfrey continue to work its magic.

If a bath is more your style, use a purifying smudge stick to clear away the negative energy. Then when you feel clear, run a bath, add the comfrey infusion to the tub, and soak for twenty minutes. For an added boost, place protective stones around the bathtub like obsidian, black tourmaline, and hematite.

Of course magic is a complement to real-life action, not a substitute for it: so lock your doors and windows, avoid dangerous situations if you possibly can, drive with caution and lock your car when you park it. If you are in an abusive relationship, get help–call a hotline, find someone to take you to a shelter, something. If you are dealing with emotional trauma, in addition to using magic, find a therapist or a supportive friend to help you work through the pain. As you make your best effort, magic will boost your effectiveness, strengthen your personal power, facilitate personal transformation, and bring you insight and inspiration. Ultimately, however, you still have to act on the gifts magic gives you.

Michelle Simkins is a greenwitch and writer living in Portland, Oregon with her wife and too many pets. She blogs and sells magical supplies at A Witch’s Path, and publishes short stories and metaphysical ebooks at Hagstone Publishing.

You can find the post I wrote for Michelle about magickal intent in art by clicking here.

Empath? Clairsentient?

There is some confusion about what Clairsentience is and what an Empath is. This is because the two things are closely related, overlapping in many ways, and because of New Age Wank.

I am clairsentient. I’m not an empath. I sense energy. It allows me to intuitively ‘know’ a person or if place has bad vibes. While I can tell how someone is feeling and have empathy for them, I don’t take on their feelings as my own. I can tell what emotions are mine.

Some people are more sensitive and can internalize other people’s shit without realizing that is what is happening.

They drink it in until they drown, believing it is the normal way for them to be in the world, that it’s good or their calling/job. New Age Wank supports this belief, especially in women. Emotional & mental labor. 

I believe we all need to take care & responsibility of our energies, do groundings and clearings, be aware if what we are feeling belongs to us or to someone/thing else.

People who are clairsentient or an empath:

Are tuned into the emotions & energy fields of others.

Can sense the energy of objects and places.

Can have gut reactions to things & may or may not be immediately clear on why.

Can be easily overwhelmed by crowds, violent situations (even if it’s just a picture or a story) and situations that require emotional & mental labor.

Where’s the wank?

In people & teachings that use being an empath as an excuse to be a manipulative ass or to not deal with their own shit.

I’m an empath, I know what you are feeling better than you do. I see clearly where you don’t.

Creating endless drama & lack of responsibility for one’s own actions.

It’s ok to be sad when someone else is sad. It’s another thing to wrap yourself into so completely that you lose yourself. Or to use their sadness as a weapon against them.

I think many people who believe they are empaths are really clairsentient and not dealing with things well or are neither and are abusive. (This can be purposeful abuse or unintentional because they are unaware that what they are doing is abuse.) Either way there is a lot of healing that needs doing.

I know all the cool kids are doing it. Everybody thinks they are Deanna Troi.

We are not all Deanna Troi. Sad I know.

If you pick up some wonky energy, clear it away.

If someone’s energy triggers something in you it’s a signal that there is healing needed done there or that you need to be on your guard around that person.

You can be supportive of others without taking on their fuckery as your own.

If someone tells you they are an empath then tries to manipulate or gaslight or make you responsible for their shit, cut them off from your energy and set clear boundaries for that person.

Let them know what your boundaries are and stick to them. Get them out of your life if possible. If not possible, limit their access to you. Do energetic cord cuttings after every encounter with them. Shield your energy before interacting them.

I get that it can be hard to do. It might go against Love & Light Wank you’ve taught, but there is nothing loving in allowing others to harm you. It’s not showing them love and it’s not showing yourself love.

Let me repeat that, there is nothing loving in allowing others to harm you.