Sacred & Feral

January Wrap-up & February Stuff

I survive January and I hope you did too. I’m slowly adjusting to having a job. Very slowly. Art got made. The first episode of my podcast was shared. I consider that a win even though somethings didn’t get done. (The podcast is only available on Patreon.) I think I created some great pieces of art and that is the most important thing. It’s what keeps me going when I feel like never getting out of bed. What’s up in February? My birthday! I’m also launching a Kickstarter. I’ve done […]

Art Transfused

Eye Of The Storm, Original Abstract Painting

The eye of a storm swirling into view or the eye of a strange creature?  A little bit of both, I think. Maybe some bizarre jelly fish. Which ever it is, it is clear from this picture that I need to work on making sure the paintings aren’t hung crooked. This is a 12×16 gallery wrapped canvas that can be hung or sat on a shelf. Message: It’s always calm in the eye of a storm. Things whip past hurled on currents that formed somewhere in the past. It’s easy […]

Art Transfused


In the Spring, everything including the lake gets coated in pollen. This painting reminds me of that. Pollen floating and swirling on the surface of the water as you cut through it. A slipstream is that space behind a moving object where the air or water can be moving as fast as the object. Or something like that. It’s also a genre of fiction. This is on a 8×8 canvas. I used my fave phthalo blue, bright yellow, white and black. I love the movement in this painting. The storm […]

Sacred & Feral

The Manifestation Shame Game: Feelings

The other day a quote from a coach came across my FaceBook feed and really pissed me off. This is what normally happens with most Law of Attraction or Manifesting teachings I come across. I don’t have problems with LOA in itself, just with the way it is being taught by most people. “Your life is a manifestation of how you feel.” If you feel good, you have a good life. Feel bad, have a bad life. Feel wealthy, be wealthy. Feel poor, be poor. When I read things like […]

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