You were born magick. Feral. Untamed.

A soul filled with wildfire.

Maybe you’ve forgotten your fire or hidden it away for so long it feels like a strange thing, a scary dangerous thing. People always remember the fear, the blackened charred destruction a wildfire leaves the instant it passes by. They forget the spark that set it off, the new fresh life that can only sprout after the old has been cleared away.

Our inner fire is dangerous thing. It’s a danger to New Age Wank, Spiritual Bypassing, and the Patriarchy. All the things that hold you down & try to smother your magick.

When you own your magick you take back your power. Your power to create change. Your power to heal.

Owning your magick is remembering you are the wildfire and the phoenix that rises from the ash.

When you own your magick you feed your fire, embrace the dark and dirty pieces of yourself, the ones society tries to shames you for, as part of the whole unbroken Bad Ass you are.

Wild. Wanton. Fucking Magick.

Sound delicious? A hell yes?

What’s a Hell Yes get you?

An intuitive reading.

An energy working. (I work with storm energy. This can move quickly or seem a bit chaotic.)

An email explaining what came up during the reading & energy working.

After you receive your email, we’ll use the information that came up as a jumping off point for you to reclaim your magick. We can continue to chat by email or schedule some FB time.

I’ll bring all the my tools to help you with this work. You bring your willingness to do the work.
Emails of intuitive readings are sent within 48hrs of purchase, not including weekends or Holidays.