Muse Magick portraits are paintings of Spirit Beings that want to share a message with you.

Like whisperings of soul callings that burn in the pit of your stomach waiting to set the world on fire.

What is calling out to you?

Muses aren’t only for artists or creatives.

They represent the wild wanton parts of ourselves that allow us to dream fiercely, the untamable pieces, and our creative centers.

Each one is filled with energy  to act as an anchor, a talisman and a reminder of the connection between you and your Muse.

“She is absolutely beautiful. I felt chills and tears formed in my eyes.” ~ Lauren

Muse Magick paintings are channeled spirit communications.

I let your Muse tell me what they’d love for you to know.

Muses come in all forms.

Yours may look like a mermaid, a faerie or something else. I won’t know who will show up until I begin painting.

Each Muse is unique.

“OMG Delisa! I absolutely love the portrait! *chills and prickling of tears* when I opened it.” ~ Mia

These paintings are created on quality watercolor paper. I have two easy to frame sizes available.

Your Muse portrait will arrive in 3-6 weeks after you’ve ordered.

Use the drop down menu to choose your size and order.

After I received your order, I’ll email you to chat about your Muse Magick painting.

Prices include white matting.

8×10 $126

11×14 $175