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Empath? Clairsentient?

There is some confusion about what Clairsentience is and what an Empath is. This is because the two things are closely related, overlapping in many ways, and because of New Age Wank.

I am clairsentient. I’m not an empath. I sense energy. It allows me to intuitively ‘know’ a person or if place has bad vibes. While I can tell how someone is feeling and have empathy for them, I don’t take on their feelings as my own. I can tell what emotions are mine.

Some people are more sensitive and can internalize other people’s shit without realizing that is what is happening.

They drink it in until they drown, believing it is the normal way for them to be in the world, that it’s good or their calling/job. New Age Wank supports this belief, especially in women. Emotional & mental labor. 

I believe we all need to take care & responsibility of our energies, do groundings and clearings, be aware if what we are feeling belongs to us or to someone/thing else.

People who are clairsentient or an empath:

Are tuned into the emotions & energy fields of others.

Can sense the energy of objects and places.

Can have gut reactions to things & may or may not be immediately clear on why.

Can be easily overwhelmed by crowds, violent situations (even if it’s just a picture or a story) and situations that require emotional & mental labor.

Where’s the wank?

In people & teachings that use being an empath as an excuse to be a manipulative ass or to not deal with their own shit.

I’m an empath, I know what you are feeling better than you do. I see clearly where you don’t.

Creating endless drama & lack of responsibility for one’s own actions.

It’s ok to be sad when someone else is sad. It’s another thing to wrap yourself into so completely that you lose yourself. Or to use their sadness as a weapon against them.

I think many people who believe they are empaths are really clairsentient and not dealing with things well or are neither and are abusive. (This can be purposeful abuse or unintentional because they are unaware that what they are doing is abuse.) Either way there is a lot of healing that needs doing.

I know all the cool kids are doing it. Everybody thinks they are Deanna Troi.

We are not all Deanna Troi. Sad I know.

If you pick up some wonky energy, clear it away.

If someone’s energy triggers something in you it’s a signal that there is healing needed done there or that you need to be on your guard around that person.

You can be supportive of others without taking on their fuckery as your own.

If someone tells you they are an empath then tries to manipulate or gaslight or make you responsible for their shit, cut them off from your energy and set clear boundaries for that person.

Let them know what your boundaries are and stick to them. Get them out of your life if possible. If not possible, limit their access to you. Do energetic cord cuttings after every encounter with them. Shield your energy before interacting them.

I get that it can be hard to do. It might go against Love & Light Wank you’ve taught, but there is nothing loving in allowing others to harm you. It’s not showing them love and it’s not showing yourself love.

Let me repeat that, there is nothing loving in allowing others to harm you.






Lick negative emotions, hug them, squeeze them, call them George.

The Positivity Police like to ram their positivity down everyone’s throat. They’ll tell you that you need to be feeling and thinking 100% positive things 200% of the time.

It’s impossible. It’s fucking ridiculous. And when you can’t do it, they get to hold their spiritual superiority over you and make you feel like shit about it.

This is abuse wrapped in thin veil of Love and Light.

You are a human being full of complex wonderfully dirty emotions. Each of those emotions is meant to be felt, no matter how uncomfortable or ugly. They are meant to be experienced so we can change and grow. Experiencing them and admitting you have them doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a normal person, just like the rest of us.

We need to unshackle ourselves from the chains we’ve allowed the Positivity Police to wrap around us. We need to stand in the shadows before we burst into flame, turn to ash, like vampires left chained out in the sun. We need to reclaim the dark parts of ourselves. Wrap those negative feelings in our arms, lick them and claim them as our own. Only then can we heal, transform and release them.

Dealing with your negative feelings isn’t the same as giving in to them. If something has made you feel a ‘negative’ feeling, instead of instantly pushing it away, take a moment to really understand why you are feeling it.

What needs to change so it won’t make you feel that way again?

What positive thing is that negative feeling waiting to be transformed into fuel for?

What old things are you holding onto that need releasing?

It’s ok to feel pissed, sad, jealous, or whatever. It’s how you react to those feelings that matters. You aren’t failing at life because you feel them. Take responsibility for those negative feelings. Own them, don’t let them own you.

If your Love and Light practices are making you feel like a loser, get rid of them and find ones that lift you up.

I’m all for positive thinking and shifting out of negative thoughts and feelings and quickly as possible, but if what you are doing isn’t coming from a place of love, it isn’t helpful. It has to be a place of real love, not bullshit disguised as love.

Any New Age/Spiritual/Religious/ Love & Light/What The Fuck Ever practice that uses fear, guilt or shame as tools of control is bullshit disguised as love.