Sacred & Feral

Oh, faux goddess of marketing wank, thou art sneeky.

There are people twisting the Divine Feminine into a weapon, swathed in gossamer pastels, crystal bedazzled, spritzed with flowery essential oils, stamped with the patriarchy’s seal of approval and thrust at us as a handy tool for empowerment perfectly sized to fit in our delicate lady hands. Domestic Goddess Sex Goddess Business Goddess Goddesses have been regulated to the realm of useful sales tactic. We think we are being empowered, making progress, when we’re really paddling in circles with one oar,  trying to shove each other overboard with the other and completely ignoring the sinking boat. Every time I see some business using the word goddess, I get a little rage-y. Occasionally I’m pleasantly surprised […]

Sacred & Feral

It’s not marketing. It’s shaming and it’s not cool.

Money Shaming in the marketing of lifestyle/business coaching is a totally normal way of doing things and it’s harmful as hell. It’s a shitty form of marketing that only serves to fatten the bank accounts of coaches who use it. As consumers we’ve become so indoctrinated to negative marketing practices sometimes we don’t notice what they are doing to us. Money Shaming tries to make itself look like it’s helping you to make brave positive choices for your life or business, but it’s just a lie to separate you from your money as quickly as possible with little thought of what the consequences for you are. I’m not into that shit. It’s harmful and a […]

Sacred & Feral

Intuition beats smarmy sales pitches every time.

When was the last time you listened to your intuition? Or have you been ignoring it and listening to someone else? I’ve been learning a lot about the Female Lifestyle Empowerment Brand (FLEB) lately. Which is basically other women pretending to sell you shit that is going to help you be the best woman you can be, but really just peddling sexist bullshit for the patriarchy, taking all your money and making you feel like shit. Which makes you spend more money. It’s a vicious circle. Now that I clearly see what’s going on, I can’t unsee it. In a conversation with a friend the other day, we were discussing how FLEB uses manipulative sales tactics […]

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