Sacred & Feral

What’s up with all these changes?

Cabin fever? Maybe. I’ve changed the look of this site, but more importantly I’ve changed the function or purpose or something. I decided to put the job dollars to use for something I love ( my art) and upgrade the service I use for my shop. The shop now has its own site and is awesome.  What was not awesome was the blog function on that upgrade. I’m keeping the blog here. On the menu, when you click Shop Art, it will take you to the new shop. When you […]

Sacred & Feral

What’s up on Patreon: Aphrodite Level

Aphrodite goddess of self love and sharing love. Aphrodite wanted to be first because everything should start in love. She also wants you to know that the low price of a dollar isn’t a reflection of her value, your value or mine. At this support level, you get full access to my Patreon feed. I post things there first. I share journaling, art and fiction. Each month I share a Goddess Knowledge Card reading. These readings are general messages that the goddesses want to share with you. These are only […]

Sacred & Feral

New thing happening for my Patreon supporters

Awhile back I myself the Goddess Knowledge Cards. I love the imagery on them. Starting July first, I’ll be doing a monthly card draw using this deck. I think it will be a great way to explore different goddesses. I’m posting these readings to my Patreon page and they will be available exclusively to patrons. Patreon is a platform creators use to connect with people who want to support their work. My patrons get first looks at everything I create, special discounts and exclusive offerings. You can become a member […]

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