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What’s up on Patreon: Aphrodite Level

Aphrodite goddess of self love and sharing love. Aphrodite wanted to be first because everything should start in love. She also wants you to know that the low price of a dollar isn’t a reflection of her value, your value or mine. At this support level, you get full access to my Patreon feed. I post things there first. I share journaling, art and fiction. Each month I share a Goddess Knowledge Card reading. These readings are general messages that the goddesses want to share with you. These are only […]

Sacred & Feral

Being broken is a marketing ploy we need to stop buying into.

There is a a belief that we are broken, damaged and in constant need of repair. We’ve learned to be committed to our brokenness, defined by it, live trapped in a cage of our brokenness. Because when we are broken, we must be fixed and someone is ready to sell us the perfect solution. And when that perfect solution fails? It’s ok that you sucked at the solution, they have another perfect solution to sell you. And another after that. And another after that. They’ll remind you of how broken […]

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